First Supply Coffee
Introducing First Supply Coffee's very first blend - The Easy River. With the taste of red fruits, baker's chocolate, and cola, it'll leave you wondering how you ever got by in life without it. It's a certified organic blend of seasonal Central American and South American coffee beans roasted in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Nothing compares to our coffee besides the blends we plan to introduce in the future. Our goal is to provide premium coffee that everyone loves and craves.
Our Beans

Our coffee is a certified organic blend of seasonal Central American and South American coffee beans, with 50% from Guatemala & 50% from Peru.

Our Bags

Our earth-friendly bags are made from 60% renewable plant-based resources that breaks down into a healthy compost.

Our Roast

Our coffee is roasted every week to ensure you receive the freshest coffee at your doorstep.


First Supply Coffee is a Pungo, Virginia based coffee company to provide premium, freshly roasted coffee. It was started on January 6, 2020 by Forrest & Molly Knight - a company that stemmed from their absolute love of coffee. The goal for First Supply Coffee is to create a lineup of only the best coffee blends for everyone to enjoy.

Behind the Name

The story behind the name goes back to 1607 when Forrest's ancestor, Thomas Savage, boarded the John and Francis ship with Captain Christopher Newport at the age of 13 to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in 1608 on the first supply ship to America, which gives the name to First Supply Coffee.

Shortly after arriving, Captain Christopher Newport claimed Thomas Savage as his own son and left him to live with Chief Powhatan to learn the ways of the Native Americans. Chief Powhatan treated Thomas as his son, while he rendered invaluable aid to the colony as interpreter. There is much more to his story, but we will leave it at this - Thomas Savage's ability to speak to and for both cultures was key to the survival of the settlement.

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